Broken Web Page IfThen

Stop Wasted Ad Spend

Every get an email alerting you that your website is broken? Then you realize that your ads are still running and you’ve been paying for clicks for weeks/months. Yeah, we hate that.

User Experience

Visitors convert on websites they trust. If your web page is acting funky, don’t spend money to get a new visitor there only to give them an experience that isn’t conversion-worthy.

Pause or Enable

If you have a backup or mirror site, you can automatically flip the switch to send your ads to the proper site upon outage.

Error Codes

IfThenAds will check for any error code including 3xx, 4xx, and 5xx ranges, as well as 2xx success codes. It’s completely customizable based on what is and isn’t working.

Don’t Rely on Google

While it’s true that sometimes Google will pause ad groups whenit detects a broken page, but not always.

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