Earthquake IfThen

Recent earthquake?
Automate your ad campaigns

This is a great IfThen for government agencies, insurance companies, and safety organizations.

Automatic Monitoring

Configure your IfThen in minutes and it will automatically monitor your campaign’s geo-location for seismic activity. Pause/enable, and bid adjust your location to ensure your ads are visible when you want them to be.

Public Safety Service Announcements

What’s the first thing people do after an earthquake? They Google it, of course! Give the public the life-saving information they require in their moment of need.

Homeowner’s Insurance

If you sell homeowners insurance, knowing when you can and cannot sell your policies is critical. If someone feels a rumble and wants to upgrade their policy, make sure you give them the option. If a larger earthquake strikes in your service area and prevents you from selling riders, your ads will automatically shut off.

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