Weather IfThens

Want to trigger your ads during specific weather events?

Weather affects consumers in more ways than we can ever imagine. Our plug-and-play system turns your Google Ads campaigns into weather-based marketing machines.

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Engage Your Audience

The Weather IfThens enable you to target your audience when it matters most…when they’re looking for your products or services. Ensure your ads are visible when they should be, and invisible when they shouldn’t be.

Reduce Wasted Ad Spend

Bid adjusting your campaigns down or pausing them altogether when your audience isn’t interested in your product means a more efficient ad spend all around.

Weather Triggers

Trigger your ad campaigns based on several weather and condition parameters including: temperature, pressure, humidity, smoke, visibility, wind, and precipitation including rain, snow and hail.


Your Weather IfThen will check the current conditions once per hour in your targeted location. IfThens can can also look back in time up to two weeks.

Bid Adjust, Pause, or Enable

When the weather triggers your IfThens, you have the option of bid adjusting those specific locations, or pausing or enabling your entire ad campaign.

Quick Setup

Configure your IfThen and enable. Most IfThens can be deployed in minutes. Our free plan lets you weather trigger your ad campaigns forever!

Custom-tailored Weather Triggers

Select from 9 different criteria to bid modify by location, or pause/enable your ad campaigns. Look back 1 hour or 2 weeks. Data is refreshed once per hour so your ads are always relevant no matter what the current weather conditions.

Weather Data Network

Our vast United States weather network means we’re always able to collect local weather information for your campaigns.

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